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orion - doro

December 2018



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sga - john jumper

SGA recs - the Sheppard edition (last update: 2006-09-22)

Sheppard. Sheppard and the military. Sheppard and the chain of command. Sheppard and his issues. Sheppard and sex. Sheppard and romance. Sheppard as seen by other people. Slash and gen (mostly).

[military and chain of command] [deadly and dangerous] [fucked up] [where the action is] [the hazards of exploring alien planets] [in the city] [the romance] [the sex] [that's different] [vids] [rec lists]

military and chain of command
frostfire_17: Here Is No Water. Sheppard/Mitchell, Afghanistan base, Mitchell POV, angry sex = h/c.
miss_porcupine: Just Like the Richard Gere Movie. GEN, soldier POV. SGC during the weeks before the Atlantis mission.
miss_porcupine: Sumnerverse: Expeditionary Conditions. GEN, John saves his CO, Sumner integrates John into chain of command, AU.
miss_porcupine: Sumnerverse: Five minutes (out of thirty-eight). GEN, sequel, AU.
icarusancalion: Nowhere But Up. GEN, the general is talked into reconsidering a disgraced pilot for the Atlantis team.
icarusancalion: Taking Stock. GEN, After Sumner's death, Sheppard takes stock of weapons and personnel.
miss_porcupine: Self-Made. GEN, pre-Antarctica, disobedience and the consequences for a military man.
harriet_spy: Dragon's Teeth. Sheppard/Ronon, blowjob in the showers, hierarchy building through sex.
tielan: More Than Enough. GEN, Sheppard/Teyla, UST, stick fighting. Sheppard's men don't trust Teyla, Bates keeps an eye on his commanding officer.
idyll: Trouble Me. Sheppard/McKay, what it's like to be a military commander.

deadly and dangerous
rivier: Exigencies. GEN, OC POV, Sheppard takes a hostage.
frostfire_17: Predatory. GEN, soldier POV, Wraith baiting.
seperis: Crimes Against Humanity. Sheppard/McKay, WIP, Atlantis as prison colony, AU.

fucked up
magnus_minor: Out of Sight, Obvious Place, Open Blade. Sheppard/McKay, John gets off on other people's pain, Rodney gives consent, tenderness amid the darkness.
karamarie_mckay: Incision. Sheppard/McKay, sequel to magnus_minor's sadist!John stories; why Rodney is doing it.
ellex42: The Shiver Trilogy. Sheppard/McKay, another sequel to magnus_minor's sadist!John stories; Rodney helps John by making him completely submit to Rodney's control, BDSM, D/s.
ltlj: Deflection. GEN, amnesia, John thinks he is a clone, something is not right.
cupidsbow: Mnemonic, or Four Ways John Sheppard Didn't Lose His Mind. GEN, John is more than he seems.
harriet_spy: Uninvited. bug!Sheppard/Teyla, Wraith urges, mind meld, slightly non-con, rough sex.
janusglance: I Feel the Earth Move, Part 2, Part 3. GEN, future fic, creepy enemies, evacuation, John and Rodney have a secret plan.

where the action is
ltlj: Hunting Parties. Sheppard/OMC, abduction, attempted assault. John isn't slave material and the natives are nice.
ltlj: Retrograde. GEN, the Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years, AU.
ltlj: Recovery. GEN, after Retrograde. Sheppard ponders mutiny, Mitchell, chain of command, AU.
ltlj: Expatriate. Sheppard/Mitchell, Retrograde universe, mission gone wrong, undercover, pretended sex to avoid detection, real sex follows, AU.
jimandblair: Cusp. GEN, something is wrong with the city, random malfunctions targeting humans; Beckett, McKay and Sheppard investigate.
harriet_spy: The New Frontier. GEN, future fic, the Wraith are defeated, a stranger rides into town and saves the day, OC POV.
quasar273: Cross Product. Sheppard/McKay, bodyswap with double, quantum mirror, Sheppard tries to find his way home in two universes.
danvers: Heat. Sheppard/McKay, Rodney is trying to get out of Peru, John is a pilot who might be able to help, AU.

the hazards of exploring alien planets
ltlj: Typical Day. GEN, drugs, nudity.
basingstoke: No, Really. Teyla/McKay/Sheppard/Ronon, group sex, trapped in cave.
astolat: Mostly Harmless. Sheppard/Other/McKay, fluffy tentacle porn.
harriet_spy: Side Effects May Vary. Sheppard/Ronon, sex as a means of interrogation, timely rescue, bondage.
amireal: Everything Except Temptation. Sheppard/McKay, John gets drugged, aphrodisiac, masturbation behind closed doors.
cesperanza: Amnesiac. Sheppard/McKay, Amnesiac!John.
skoosiepants: Almost Like Joining A Cult. GEN, alien ritual, they all turn into wolves.
seperis: Skirting Dignity. Sheppard/McKay, mission report, drugs, hookers, bondage.
apple_pi: John Never Thought of Rodney That Way (Except When He Did). Sheppard/McKay, drugged Rodney takes advantage of quite enthusiastic John.

in the city
rustler: The Pegasus Galaxy's Greatest Hits. GEN, exploring the city, new star constellations, friendship.
icarusancalion: Breeding Ground. GEN, humor, the military has shorted the Atlantis expedition, there aren't enough women.
seperis: Like Running Through Water. Sheppard/McKay. John, Rodney and Acient technology; from pre-Atlantis to the Pegasus galaxy, great subtext.
harriet_spy: The Intergalactic Adventures of Lieutenant John Sheppard in the Twenty-First Century. GEN, Sheppard/Teyla UST, temporary memory loss through Ancient device.
harriet_spy: Patines of Gold. Sheppard/McKay, command chair sex.
icarusancalion: Traces Through Time. Sheppard/McKay, time travel, John reads Rodney's diary, happy end.
mmmchelle: That Pon Farr Thing. Sheppard/McKay, John has Pon Farr and needs Rodney's touch.
rageprufrock: Abrazo. GEN, Sheppard/Teyla UST, tango music..

the romance
astolat: Loves Me Not. Sheppard/McKay, secretly gay John has crush on straight Rodney, chocolate in exchange for inappropriate touching.
astolat: Oblivious. Sheppard/McKay, straight John doesn't correct Rodney when Rodeny assumes John wants to be intimate and John stumbles into a relationship.
amireal: Close Encounters. Sheppard/McKay, straight John feels flattered that Rodney gets hard because of him, enclosed spaces.
icarusancalion: Out Of Bounds. Sheppard/McKay, WIP, coach and athlete, both of them gay, just a matter of time, skater AU.
mz_bstone: The Convenient Husband (Part 2). Sheppard/McKay, John needs to get married and it's legal in Canada; Rodney in love, doesn't know John's feelings, AU.
liviapenn: Small Primes and Square Roots. Sheppard/McKay, John fathers child with Jeannie McKay, Rodney adopts it, a chance meeting leads to more; John in the military, Rodney working for SGC, AU.
resonant8: Reality. Sheppard/McKay, John is in a relationship with Rodney, Rodney doesn't know anything about it, John prefers it that way.
cesperanza: Kid A. Sheppard/McKay, straight John wants to give Rodney the gay relationship he deserves.
thegrrrl2002 & mmmchelle: Sex, Movies, and Misconceptions. Sheppard/McKay, both straight, gay porn makes them gay for each other.

the sex
thegrrrl2002: Value Added. Sheppard/McKay, Antarctica. John gives other officer a blowjob, Rodney is accidental witness, sweet.
moonlettuce: Out of the Kingdom. Sheppard/McKay, Antarctica. John doesn't want to come to Atlantis, Rodney offers blowjobs.
helenish: The Top of the List. Sheppard/McKay, John likes it rough.
cesperanza: Clarity. Sheppard/McKay, voyorism, jerk-off fantasy. John knows that Rodney uses the security camera to watch him masturbate.
z_rayne: No Anarchy in the Universe. Sheppard/McKay, debriefing on earth, anonymous sex in night club.
icarusancalion: Last Port Of Call. Sheppard/McKay, John wants to get laid, has casual sex with Rodney.
thisisbone: Skirting The Issue. Girl!Sheppard/Ronon, John is temporarily a woman, Ronon offers sex.
thisisbone: Skirting The Issue (Epilogue). Sheppard/Ronon, m/m sequel, John in an off-screen relationship with Rodney but not monogamous.
thisisbone: Revelation (series). Sheppard/Ronon, Ronon's first days in Atlantis and what he needs from Sheppard; starts with sex between soldiers and moves on to something else, Ronon POV.
3jane & mimisere: Blood In Old Snow. Sheppard/Ronon/Teyla, fighting practice, threesome, Ronon POV.
z_rayne: The Limitations of Force. Sheppard/Ronon/Teyla, Wraith enzyme, sexual competition.
flambeau: John Sheppard, helpless plaything. Sheppard/Ronon, Sheppard/McKay. Quantumverse, Ronon and Rodney = warlords, John trapped and their pet.
frostfire_17 & synecdochic: Nothing Hurts Like Your Mouth. Sheppard/McKay, D/s, John likes sucking cock, wants to be on his knees.
z_rayne: BJ101. Sheppard/McKay, Rodney teaches John how to give a blowjob.
shusu: Best Seller (rentboy trilogy). Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/Other. John as a human sextoy; sex, kink, voyeurism, multiple partners, AU.
idyll: Higher. Sheppard/Ronon, they run, they fuck, John likes it rough, public places.
soraya2004: Supersize Him. Sheppard/McKay, blowjob, Rodney has a really big cock.
thegrrrl2002 & mmmchelle: Sex Things. Sheppard/McKay, bottom!John, fucking, kink.

that's different
kitsune_tsuki Cry Havoc (cover). GEN, feral Sheppard and the pack mentality, AU.
smittywing: The Best Things in Life Are Free. Sheppard/McKay, WIP, highschool, AU.
skoosiepants: Bagglevarger’s Theory of Inversive Magic. Sheppard/McKay preslash. Hogwarts, the next generation tries to figure out what happened to Harry Potter, crossover, AU.
laytoncolt: Strategic Seduction. Sheppard/McKay, John is a NID spy, Rodney just wants to get laid, AU.
harriet_spy: Cross into the blue. GEN, Antarctica during Rising, dragons, John is an aviator, fusion crossover with Temeraire.
seperis: The Stranger's Always You, Lessons, Second Watch, Corner, Goodbye, The New Order Sucks. Sheppard/McKay, alternate reality Rodney (married to John who was also a scientist) is stranded in our reality where he gets to know our Colonel Sheppard who lost Rodney in an accident.
astolat: The Dark Side (cover). Sheppard/McKay, Star Wars fusion crossover, AU.
toft_froggy: String Theory, a Concerto for Violin in D Minor. Sheppard/McKay, Rodney is a conductor, John a violinist, AU ♥.

exitmusic__: Loaded Gun. Sheppard is a weapon.
merryish: Hello. No one should brave the underworld alone.
taelonmahal: Rock Steady. Sheppard/Ronon, Teyla/Ronon, short and sexy. *g*

rec lists
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