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orion - doro

December 2018



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merlin - you and i

Merlin Recs

Mein derzeitiges Wohlfühlvid (ich steh' dazu!) lasse ich außerhalb des Cuts, damit ich möglichst oft draufklicken kann.

Feel by nuarity (Merlin/Arthur). Merlin wants to feel...

Canon 'verse
A Study in Natural Philosophy by mad_maudlin (Merlin/Arthur, ~13,200 words). Fusion mit "His Dark Materials", die sich nahtlos in das Merlin-Universum einfügt und wunderbar in character ist. Magie ist in Camelot verboten und Merlin hält seinen Daemon vor Arthur versteckt. Irgendwie hängt das zusammen. [AO3]
It's not unusual for people to hide their daemons. Merlin, however, seems to be taking it a little far.

Different kinds of flight by neery (Merlin/Arthur, ~8,500 words). Wie die Inhaltsangabe schon sagt. [AO3]
"Fleeing from hostile knights! Getting caught by an evil sorcerer! Fighting a bloody dragon! There is no part of today that I would like to revisit in any way, shape or form, ever!"

Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender by inane_rational (Merlin/Arthur, ~12,600 words). Angst, non-con, romance und manchmal brauche ich diese Mischung.
‘Don’t fight back. Just let them take what they want.’ This is the first rule Merlin knew. Then Prince Arthur came to wage war on Cenred, and Merlin catches his eyes. He began to learn a new form of surrender.

In Care of Thee by lilith_lessfair (Gen, ~5,350 words). Ich wollte schon immer mal ein klärendes Gespräch zwischen Arthur und Merlins Mutter lesen.
Arthur has discovered Merlin's magic and has not responded well. He's ordered Merlin to leave Camelot, but has now reconsidered and is searching for Merlin. The search takes him to Ealdor where he finds Hunith.

Of Possets, Furs, and Arthur by a_fallen_sister (Merlin&Arthur, Gen, ~500 words). Freundschaft, Smarm und geteilte Körperwärme ist doppelt so warm.
Camelot is suffering a harsh winter and Merlin’s happy to take warmth where he can find it.

Sacrificial Lamb by rurounihime (Merlin/Arthur, ~8,600 words). Arthur kann sehr anstrengend sein und Merlin soll ihm helfen, überschüssige Energie abzubauen. Dumm nur, dass Merlin diese Aufgaben eines "Manservant" bisher noch gar nicht wahrgenommen hat und Arthur nichts von Merlins Auftrag weiß. Schöne First-Time-Story.
Arthur's been overworking his knights, so they come to Merlin as a last resort.

An Indefinite Article by lycoris (Merlin/Arthur, ~13,400 words). Ursprünglich zum kink-Meme gepostet als Raw/Open/Broken/Fixed.
Modern College AU. As far as Arthur Pendragon is concerned, he is a straight law student. Meeting Merlin Emrys is going to change all that.

We Will Take Care of You, part 1/? by frantic_allonsy (Merlin/Arthur, AU, ~4,100 words). AU, WIP und Vampire - eigentlich so gar nicht mein Ding, aber hier möchte ich gerne wissen, wie es weitergeht.
He remembered it a hundred years later, every glaring reflection off the concrete, every line of heat waving off the Paris asphalt, because it was the last summer that Arthur Pendragon felt sunlight on his bare skin.

Clueless by mrs_leary (Bradley/Colin, ~ 9,300 words). First time. Bradley ist auf der Suche nach etwas, weiß aber nicht genau was, und Colin braucht eine Weile bis er mit Bradley auf einer Wellenlänge liegt und all die richtigen Schlüsse zieht.
Bradley feels that life is passing him by, and he’s too clueless to work out why or what to do about it.

The language of love - or penises by by shadecat (Bradley/Colin, ~2,050 words). Bradleys und Colins purpurbehelmte Liebeskrieger verschwören sich gegen Bradley und Colin, damit die beiden sich endlich näher kommen. Ahem. ^^°
“Oi! What’s going on out there?” Bradley Jr. sent over to Colin Jr., using the special form of penis telepathy that they’d developed.

Arthur's Miniature by itzcoatl (Merlin). Illustration, oil. Ein Bild mit genug Hintergrund, um sich eine Geschichte dazu vorzustellen. So etwas liebe ich und der Gedanke von Arthur, der Merlins Bild über dem Herzen trägt, hat was.
"It’s not unusual for a noble to have a loved one painted in miniature so that they can wear the small, bejewelled, painted trinket within their clothes, close to their heart, or take it on journeys with them.
When Merlin hears that Arthur’s had one made, he assumes it’s of Arthur’s mother, or maybe…possibly…Gwen…"

Bad Romance by nuarity (Merlin/Arthur). Merlin und Arthur wollen Sex. Liebe wäre auch ganz nett (wenn sie sich nicht so ungeschickt dabei anstellen würden), aber bei all der sexuellen Spannung sollte man das Wesentliche nicht aus den Augen verlieren. *g* Eines dieser Vids, die aus unerklärlichen Gründen wesentlich expliziter sind, als die Show es je sein könnte.
They want it really, really bad.

Feel by nuarity (Merlin/Arthur). Ein tolles Vid, das ich im November völlig verpasst habe (s.o.). In der Hand von jemand anderem hätte das lächerlich sein können, aber schon nach den ersten paar Takten ist klar, wie erst das Vid es wirklich mit den Gefühlen meint, und der Song wirkt von einem Moment auf den nächsten Merlin wie auf den Leib geschrieben.
Merlin wants to feel...

The Prince Your Man Could Smell Like by crazypaving (Merlin/Arthur). So, about that virally popular Old Spice commercial... LOL Arthur ist wie für diese Rolle gemacht. Ich habe erst das Vid gesehen und dann die Originalwerbung und es ist nicht notwendig den Werbespot zu kennen (auch wenn das Vid dadurch noch lustiger wird).
Summary: Even a medieval man should smell like a man, man. Arthur feels the need to share this fact with the ladies - and manservants - of the world. Sir William helps out. Merlin...is long-suffering. (But he does kind of like how Arthur smells. Shh.)

More Merlin Recs.


Eee, it's been a while since we had your recs? Or possibly it's just that I've been out of it for weeks, but this post makes me happy, because I don't have nearly enough time to read what I want. *makes grabby hands at recs*

Angst, non-con, bad romance und manchmal brauche ich diese Mischung.

Ahaha, bad romance, really? I have to say, I loved that fic, to an indecent amount, so it just goes to show that different people have, um, different buttons. Although apparently it hit yours, anyway, so. :p

Also, frantic_sga's vampire AU! Mmmm. *is a bit impatient*
Eee, it's been a while since we had your recs?

Now that you mention it, it has been almost a month! D:

Ahaha, bad romance, really? I have to say, I loved that fic

It really pushed my buttons too. *g* Maybe I should have phrased that differently because I don't think it's bad or not romantic but the beginning of the relationship is not exactly healthy easier. On the other hand, I already mentioned the non-con aspects. Hmm, maybe I should edit the entry.
Heh, RL seems to be running away with people. I can empathise. :/ (Also, the fandom!wank, urgh.) Still, so great to see people popping up again! :D

Heh, I think you should say what you think, since people will know your recs and your way of thinking, and go from that? I'm just not sure if we interpret 'bad romance' in the same way - to me that implies bad, unbelievable writing, which you may or may not have intended. I definitely agree that it has an unhealthy beginning, though - really, I can imagine why anyone might find this fic not to their liking; I just, you know, did, and found the wrong factor all that much hotter. *coughs* ;o)
I changed it to just "romance" because it was confusing. You are right, it could easily be interpreted as bad, unbelievable writing. I guess I was under the influence of the Bad Romance vid. :P

(Also I meant "either" not "easier". I'm sure Freud (or Gaius) would have something to say about that. *cough*)

I heard about the wank! After reading several "fandom can be so mean and ugly" posts I'm even reasonable sure what it was about, but I totally missed it! The only anon meme I follow is the kink meme so I was all bwuh? But it filled me with glee to see all the posts celebrating fandom. :)
Also I meant "either" not "easier". I'm sure Freud (or Gaius) would have something to say about that. *cough*

*snicker* I figured that out, and now have, um, uncomfortable visions of Gaius interpreting everything in a Freudian way. *g*

The only anon meme I follow is the kink meme so I was all bwuh? But it filled me with glee to see all the posts celebrating fandom. :)

Yes, on both parts of that. :D I accidentally tripped across a link to the wank (or, well, a recap, since the actual wank is locked) while reading a fic, and then wondered why I'd spent two hours of my life getting into that. Ugh! KMM is also the only anon comm I follow, with much too much greed. :D
and then wondered why I'd spent two hours of my life getting into that.

That happens to me a lot! ^_^ And KMM is terribly addictive but I love it so! I track everything and all the comments are short enough that I can easily read them on my phone. *lalala*
Haha! I don't have internet on my phone, but must admit that switching on my computer is quite literally the first thing I do when getting up (well, aside from, you know, getting up), and the very last thing I do before going to sleep. *cough* And yes, am tracking all the posts, too. *g* Fandom, why so addictive? (But I love it so when it's not being wanky).
feel is excellent!
and I agree on that WIP by franticsga, hopefully we will see more of that vampire AU!