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orion - doro

December 2018



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star trek 11 - black

Zines, die ich nicht habe

Warum kein international shipping, warum? ;_;

Allein für diese Beschreibung der Fanart, hätte ich mir das Zine für die läppischen US $5 geholt:
"If you haven’t seen this fold-out picture of a naked Kirk and Spock drawn in incredibly life-like detail, then you haven’t lived the full K/S life. I am fortunate enough (or crazy enough) to own the original of this masterpiece, but I must say the reproduction in the zine does it justice, although the shading and contrast is not quite as strong as it might be. I’ve heard this picture referred to as “At the Oasis,” but I’m not sure if that’s official or not. It appears the guys are reclining on a blanket on the sand, with palm-like trees behind them and a desert moon above. Besides the absolutely dead-on likeliness of Kirk stretched out on his side, reaching for Spock’s penis, and of Spock half-sitting, half-leaning on Kirk with his arm wrapped around and supporting Jim’s shoulders, there is also the matter of the frals. I’ve never been one of those who was put off by this early fandom invention that enhances Vulcan genitals, I always thought they were intriguing. (For those who might not know, frals are tentacles next to the penis that unfurl during sexual excitement.) In this picture one of them is wrapped around Kirk’s hand, and Kirk’s gaze is absolutely riveted on them. It is inexplicable to me that this K/S treasure isn’t even listed in the Table of Contents of the zine. Perhaps back then the talents of somebody like The Southern Cross were just taken for granted?" (Fanlore: Out of Bounds, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves)


Ob das allerdings wirklichy fuer 5 USD weggeht...?

Wegen dem Shipping wuerde ich einfach mal anfragen. Viele denken einfach nicht daran, dass auch ein internationeler Kaeufer Interesse haben koennte, schicken aber gerne auch international.
You can always right to her direct and offer to pay the extra costs associated with using paypal overseas (all those damn fees and conversions are tricky to calculate but there are online calculators which you could use to make it easier for the seller). And offer to make certain any extra shipping costs are covered etc.