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orion - doro

December 2018



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merlin - reading ftw

Merlin Recs

And Remember What Came Before by Anon (Gen, ~1,850 words). Merlin&Arthur. Episodetag für 4.07.
Prompt: Despite Merlin's protestations that Arthur doesn't need to apologize to him, Arthur still feels that he does owe him something beyond sending him off to clean his chambers like it's business as usual. In the wake of Gaius' revelation that Dragoon wasn't responsible for for Uther's death, Arthur goes to talk about it to Merlin.

Honour in one eye and death in the other by pushdragon (Merlin/Arthur, ~5,000 words). UST. Was zwischen Staffel 3 und 4 geschah. Erklärt für mich irgendwie alles. :)
This is a tribute to the shiny new Arthur of season 4, and his relationship with Merlin that seems to have evolved over the break. Sometimes it's little things, in all the mortal peril, that turn a friendship on a new path. This is one way it might have happened, and it starts with Arthur breaking his leg. SPOILERS (at least, vague ones) for the first 20 minutes of the first episode of season 4.

Tear the Lies Asunder by Anony Mouse (Gen, ~23,000 words). Merlin&Arthur mit einer Prise Merlin/Arthur Subtext und das in einer Story, in der Arthur zwischen 4.06 und 4.07 wesentlich mehr herausfindet, als wir in der Serie zu sehen bekommen. Alle lügen Arthur über irgendwas an, um ihn zu schützen, aber Arthur hält nichts davon und versucht hinter die Wahrheiten zu kommen, die man ihm vorenthält. Hach, das hätte ruhig immer weiter gehen können. Emotional sehr befriedigend. Hoffentlich gibt es dazu eine Fortsetzung.
Arthur sees the incisions on the back of Merlin's neck, and finds out Merlin almost never actually goes to the tavern - and it's with this knowledge that he overhears Guinevere explain Merlin's capture and enchantment to the knights.

Their Own Private Pace by kianspo (Merlin/Arthur, ~2,000 words). Bedsharing, cuddling. *sigh*
There's a storm outside, and Merlin wakes up in a bed that is not his own.

Undisclosed by gilli_ann (Merlin/Arthur, ~8,400 words). Merlin entdeckt versehentlich sein Faible für Crossdressing. Die Story nimmt einige interessante Wendungen und ist zum Ende hin etwas düsterer als ich es eigentlich mag, ich interpretiere den Schluss jedoch als die positive Wendung, der das Happy End folgt.
Merlin coincidentally discovers a new and exciting side to life, which however soon proves to be more emotionally challenging than he could have foreseen.

you and i by s_k (Merlin/Arthur, ~2,250 words). Canon Era crossdressing und heimliche Bordellbesuche. Merlin und Arthur treffen unerwartet aufeinander.
The whorehouse is dark and smoky. No one expresses surprise at the sight of the cloak that conceals his clothes and face, the patrons accustomed to noblemen who frequent the place for its guarantee of anonymity, of liberty to indulge in what would elsewhere be considered deviant behaviour.


Tear the Lies Asunder
Hehe! That's the story I've been waiting for since that ep!
With all the ale Merlin's supposed to be drinking it is just a matter of time until Arthur tries to "help" Merlin with his drinking problem *gg*
Ja, die Story kam genau richtig. Das hat alles so herrlich schön gepasst. =)