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orion - doro

December 2018



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merlin - dragon spell

Ein Wochenende im Zeichen des Slash-Drachen

Mein LJ-Profil sieht Slash Dragon blau! ^_^ Da die Drachen bei Merlin ja so ziemlich alle ausgerottet wurden, ist das doch mal eine großartige Art, fürs Populationswachstum zu sorgen. Vielen Dank! ♥

Aus passendem Anlass daher ein paar Recs:

True North by kroki_refur (Merlin/Arthur, ~6,800 words). Reinkarnationsstory, in der Arthur Merlin durch die Jahrhunderte immer wieder aufs neue findet. Die Idee mit dem magischen Kompass ist prima umgesetzt.
Arthur is given a compass that is unable to tell north from south, but always points him to where Merlin is.

They really should have expected this by maggief (Bradley/Colin, ~26,000 words). Angst! Denial! Verinnerlichte Homophobie und Colin bricht Bradley beinahe das Herz, aber sie kriegen die Kurve noch in letzter Sekunde. Hach, schmacht. (ETA: AO3 Link)
After what can only be assumed as far too many drinks and someone's stupid mouth suggesting stupid ideas, Bradley and Colin wake up in bed together with matching hangovers and rings. After they get through their initial horror/disbelief/shock and realise that an annulment won't be too hard to get, Bradley comes to the conclusion that, obviously, this is the perfect opportunity to pull the prank of a lifetime. They could try to convince everyone (especially Katie and Angel) that they got married on purpose, and just when everyone falls for it -- HAHA YOU LOSE. But, of course, the joke's on them when somewhere along the line, the lie becomes something uncomfortably close to the truth.

Side by Side by enednoviel (Merlin&Arthur, Gen). Wunderschöne Fanart-Zeichnung mit Merlin und Arthur, ganz so wie der Titel es sagt. (AO3)

Kmm hat derzeit ein paar nette WIPs, die hoffentlich bald fertig sind. Ansonsten überlege ich, ob ich meine Rec Liste nicht um die Sparte Kink erweitern soll, und dort alles sammle, das ganz besonders gut in diese Rubrik passt, damit man nicht solange suchen muss. *grübel*


That B/C fic sounds exactly like what I need right now. :D Thank you!

also, I noticed the author deanoned and posted on A03, here:


I never read anything on KMM if I don't have to. ;)
Yay, thanks for the link! I didn't see it but that makes it so much easier. <3
When I see a rec for something on KMM I always scroll to the end of the thread to see if it's complete. ;)

and often there is a clever post saying 'deanoned and reposted!'

to which I say \o/

It wasn't there when I checked earlier today. I guess I was too fast with my rec. ;)

Edited at 2012-02-26 06:23 pm (UTC)
Die Fanart ist echt unglaublich toll! *_*